MILAN (AP) After a couple of days in Milan, Isaiah Thomas' Italian experience is still lacking a certain something.

''I'm waiting on some pizza,'' said a laughing Thomas, who used to do commercials for a regional pizza franchise when he played for the Sacramento Kings. ''The place we went to last night didn't have no pizza so hopefully tonight we go somewhere I can order some pizza for real.''

This trip isn't just about culinary experiences, though. The Celtics are in Milan to play an exhibition game against Olimpia Milano on Tuesday before traveling to Spain to play Real Madrid as part of the NBA Global Games.

Ahead of the team's practice session on Sunday, Thomas was also looking forward to his first soccer match, as the Celtics headed to San Siro later for AC Milan's home match against Napoli in the Italian league - after an afternoon trip to nearby Lake Como.

''That's going to be fun,'' Thomas told The Associated Press at the Celtics' first practice in Italy. ''I'm excited about that. I've never been to a soccer match, to have my first soccer match be in Italy is going to be nice.''

Teammate Marcus Smart said the trip was also an important bonding experience for a young roster with plenty of new pieces. They went for a players-only meal in Milan on Saturday night.

''We had a good time with each other,'' Smart said. ''No phones, so everyone was talking to one other. It was good overall fun.

''We understand the severity of this trip, it is a business trip but at the same time not many people get this chance to travel like we do so we understand its business but we're here to have fun at the same time.''

Coach Brad Stevens has overseen plenty of rebuilding since taking over the Celtics in 2013 but still led the team to the playoffs last season after trading point guard Rajon Rondo - the only remaining player from the 2008 championship team. After being swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team is aiming higher this season. For Stevens, it all starts here in Italy.

''These sessions are really important to get something accomplished in practice and to make sure that we're continuing to progress,'' Stevens said. ''It's still very much a part of our training camp, and so you've got all of the great things about being a tourist - getting a chance to see new things and experience new things - and at the same time we're 24 or 25 days away from our season opener.''

And after spending so many hours in the gym during the offseason, Thomas is ready to start playing actual games again - even if its just preseason.

''We're ready to beat up on somebody else, we're tired of beating up on each other,'' Thomas said.