Pinkel offers up final take on Mauk situation

The starting signal-caller was suspended for the entire season earlier this week. Mark Zerof USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday's SEC Coaches' teleconference, Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel offered some closure on the Maty Mauk situation.

Mauk was briefly reinstated -- before being suspended again for the entire length of the 2015 season. It's unknown as to whether he'll be back in the fold next season. As for right now, Pinkel appears more concerned with Mauk's personal life going forward. He opted to be general with his statements overall, although they surely will be geared towards the signal-caller.

"Any player that has a problem -- not just Maty -- anybody that has a problem here, if we feel that it's one that counseling is needed, we want to help our players," said Pinkel.

With Missouri's offense struggling immensely, the return of Mauk was looked as a potential boost. However, the onus will continue to fall upon the shoulders of true freshman Drew Lock. He's taken some of the proverbial lumps associated with any young quarterback, but the Tigers are hoping he can put together a complete game this Thursday against Mississippi State.

As for Pinkel, he offered a final sentiment on the support Mizzou provides for its football players. While Mauk's situation has become a distraction to the team, the head coach opts to look at it from a more macro-level.

"Any time we have a player that needs help, and working with their families and such, we try to do that," said Pinkel. "We try to do that on a consistent basis.