When Gary Kubiak first mentioned the idea of limiting Peyton Manning's summer snaps, he couldn't help but think of his last legendary pupil.

Like Manning, John Elway initially resisted a so-called "pitch count." Like Manning, Elway eventually came around.

"I can remember some of the conversations that we're having now and some of the same conversations we had as coaches going into John's last year, too, (regarding) how we're going to approach his work and how we're going to go about things," Kubiak told the team's official website. "Peyton is part of the conversation every day as far as reps and throws go."

Kubiak has the ultimate say, though. The new Broncos head coach sent Manning in for weight room work with 45 minutes to go during OTAs and minicamp, for instance.

Manning might ultimately thank Kubiak for his restrictions. Elway still credits those policies with his fresh arm en route to two Super Bowl titles in the late 90's.

(h/t Denver Broncos)