Penn State coach Patrick Chambers apologized following Thursday night’s loss at Michigan after he appeared to shove one of his players during a timeout.

No. 2 Michigan beat Penn State 68-55. With 10:52 left in the first half, the ESPN broadcast showed footage of a fired-up Chambers in a huddle, reaching out with one arm and appearing to push freshman guard Myles Dread in the chest.

Chambers addressed the incident in his postgame news conference, without being asked about it.

“I absolutely love, love Myles Dread. He committed to us as a sophomore. So I’ve known him forever, him and his parents,” Chambers said.

“Absolutely love him. I apologize to him. I was just trying to challenge him, just trying to get the best out of him, and hopefully I’ll do it differently next time. No, not hopefully. I will do it a different way next time.”