One former NFL agent sees the Raiders moving, but not to L.A.

The Raiders in St. Louis? It could be done, according to one NFL agent. Gary A. Vasquez USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis' new-era stadium proposal might not ultimately house the Rams.

Instead, the stadium-hungry Raiders could take the city up on their offer if the current team leaves, according to an op-ed piece penned by NFL agent Leigh Steinberg in Forbes Magazine.

Steinberg, who brokered a deal between Howie Long and the Raiders in 1993, called a pact between Oakland and the Raiders a long-shot. Recent history backs him up; the Raiders want public funds the city just isn't willing to give. Meaningful negotiations broke down months ago.

It doesn't surprise Steinberg that the team has zeroed in on its former home. But Los Angeles is a crowded race with two other participants -- the Rams and San Diego Chargers.

The Raiders might not have the support they need to move south. But should they head east, they'll find a city prepared to make their stadium wishes a reality.

"St. Louis has many advantages as a football town," Steinberg wrote. "Mark Davis can take advantage of the effort being made currently to keep the Rams.​ When the dust settles, the Rams and Chargers in Los Angeles and the Raiders in St. Louis seems like the most likely scenario."

(h/t Forbes)