Odell Beckham Jr.'s first trip to the postseason was a memorable one. Unfortunately, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons. It started with his early-week trip to Miami with other Giants receivers, followed by a disastrous game in which he dropped multiple passes. After the loss to the Packers, he unleashed on a wall at Lambeau Field.

Beckham punched a hole in a wall outside the locker room, which has since been fixed by the Packers. He spoke out on the matter for the first time Sunday during his appearance on ESPN's "Postseason Countdown."

"I didn't sit there and punch a wall," he said. "It was literally a piece of paper, sheetrock, and it just happened.''

Beckham said, "I've learned my lesson about that," and it's easy to understand why. He came under a great deal of criticism after the boat trip and his reaction after the game -- to the point where general manager Jerry Reese said it's time for Beckham to "grow up."

His maturity has been questioned a great deal in the past year after lashing out on the sideline and breaking down into tears in the face of adversity. There's no doubt he's one of the most talented players in the game today, but his attitude has to improve.

The infamous punch isn't the only issue that Beckham addressed Sunday. He also discussed the much-criticized boat trip.

"All the extra attention it caused for our team and organization, I don't think any of us wanted that and that's where the regrets may lie," Beckham said. "But as far as going back on it, you live and you learn. You make decisions and you have to live with the consequences."

Beckham will be a star for the Giants for years to come, but he can't afford to let his personality and maturity -- or lack thereof -- get in the way of that.