ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) University of Rochester quarterback Daniel Bronson had to switch to defense recently after witnessing a purse snatching.

The junior from Lockport in Niagara County was leaving a restaurant in his hometown on Nov. 5 when he saw a man run past a 73-year-old woman and yank her purse out of her arms as she walked with her husband.

Bronson took off after the man, who dropped the purse but kept on running. Bronson tackled the suspect and held him down with the help of his girlfriend's father and brother. Police arrived and arrested the 31-year-old suspect on a robbery charge.

Bronson's off-field heroics came just hours after he piled up nearly 400 yards in total offense and ran 60 yards for a touchdown in a three-point home loss to Worcester Polytechnic Institute.