No, really -- Watt plays catch with fan in upper deck

With the legend of J.J. Watt growing seemingly by the day, we bring you another must-see video.

No, this one isn't from the latest episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks."

It's not a clip of him box-jumping over Jimmy Kimmel.

Nor is it of him catching balls one-handed from a Jugs machine.

Well, it is him playing catch. But in a rather J.J. Watt kind of way.

In the video above, you can see the two-time -- and reigning -- NFL Defensive Player of the Year playing catch with a fan before Sunday's preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. Only, the fan was sitting in the upper deck of the Superdome.

Now, could the video be fake? Well, this is the Internet, so anything's possible. But then again, were talking about the guy who did this before a home game earlier this month:

H/t: SB Nation, Bleacher Report