No. 1 Heat fan Grandma gave quite the color commentary

When you think of a stereotypical grandmother, perhaps your visual includes a loving figure watch her favorite soap opera, or maybe the local news or cooking channel while settling in for a nice evening of knitting.

Well, while your grandma is sweet enough to share her cookie recipe with you, the No. 1 Heat fan Grandma is cheering on LeBron and Co. and throwing shade on the Pacers.

After Game 4 of the Heat-Pacers series, a new YouTube sensation was born, and don't you dare judge her on her old-lady appearance. This woman is fierce.

'No. 1 Heat Fan Grandma' can be seen on the social-media website sitting on her couch shouting expletives at the TV, making it known that the Pacers have some "crybabies" in her opinion and also expressing her dislike for veteran referee Joey Crawford. Grandma claims Crawford wants to see the Heat lose.

Don't take our word for it, check out the videos yourself. WARNING: Grandma's language is not so sweet and quite NSFW.

No. 1 Heat Fan Grandma Game 4

No. 1 Heat Fan Grandma Game 5

Now, who needs a hug?

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