Nick Hein spent over a decade as a police officer in Germany. As such, he has a good base to develop an opinion on recent crime reportedly committed in his country by refugees and immigrants.

The law enforcement veteran was recently interviewed by CNN where he made a point to say how that it is a small minority of immigrants who are involved in crime. "They are a minority, and it's important that people know [that]," he said (above).

As such, Hein isn't calling for a curb or slow in the immigration of refugees from countries like Syria. In fact, Hein plans to start a fight program specifically for German immigrants.

Hein wants to see refugees and other immigrants get the assistance they need, and to be integrated into larger society, where they can contribute and make lives for themselves. "When they need help, they should get help," he continued.

"They should receive that. They're so grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of society. Everything is going to be way better than it is right now."