The National Hockey League and the Players' Association met on Tuesday in an effort to end the lockout that has gone on for close to four months.

Last Friday, the NHL gave a new offer to the NHLPA while the NHL received documents from the union on Monday containing the response to the new proposal.

The two sides then engaged in conference calls and internal meetings to discuss the new proposals on Tuesday before both groups came together for a meeting at the NHL office.

After about an hour, the NHLPA left just before 10:00 p.m. (et) and said it needed time to review the new proposals that the NHL made at the meeting.

The NHL has canceled games through Jan. 14. In total, 50.8 percent of the regular-season schedule has been scrapped. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman stated on Monday that if a 48-game season is to be played, which is also the minimum amount of games he would accept for a season, games would have to start by January 19.

The two sides have been without a CBA since the previous one expired just before midnight on Sept. 15.