NHL.com Stanley Cup Final Staff Predictions

We're wiping the slate clean! After a less-than-impressive display of pucks prognostication to start the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the staff at NHL.com is starting over and now we have a 50 percent chance of being right -- Chicago or Philadelphia, that's the question. Here are predictions for the answer. Plus, our Conn Smythe choices as an added bonus.









WINNER Shawn P. Roarke 6 games Chris Pronger Dave Lozo 5 games Jonathan Toews Mike G. Morreale 6 games Chris Pronger Bob Condor 6 games Marian Hossa Dan Rosen 5 games Jonathan Toews John McGourty 7 games Chris Pronger John Kreiser 5 games Antti Niemi Brian Compton 5 games Jonathan Toews Brian Hunter 6 games Jonathan Toews Phil Coffey 6 games Antti Niemi Adam Kimelman 7 games Chris Pronger Rocky Bonanno 6 games Mike Richards Darryl Haberman 5 games Duncan Keith Eric Lipschutz 7 games Daniel Briere Frank Marrone 6 games Michael Leighton