New York Islanders Get a Director of Player Personnel

The New York Islanders announced the hiring of a new Director of Player Personnel. He's got a famous last name and brings a wealth of experience.

Chris Lamoriello was hired by the New York Islanders on Friday as their Director of Player Personnel. Lamoriello is as you've guessed it related to Toronto Maple Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello.

Chris Lamoriello, Lou's son, spent most of his NHL management career working for the New Jersey Devils organization. Holding various and long and important titles like: Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, General Manager of the Albany Devils, and Scout. (that last one almost seems out of place).

Lamoriello will take a role that had been, until his hiring, been left vacant. At the time of writing the Islanders official management directory doesn't list a Director of Player Personnel.

So what's he actually going to do for the Islanders? Who knows exactly. The title is incredibly vague.

But generally, the Director of Player Personnel has a say in recruitment and player support. Or that's what thinks a Director of Player Personnel does. Lamoriello doesn't have the final call obviously, that belongs to the General Manager.

But think of the Lamoriello's role as one of Snow's most trusted advisors when it comes to recruitment. Assistant General Manager Doug Weight being another of Snow's lieutenants.

His hiring will likely go a long way to assuring ownership's desire to attract that biggest and best free agents to Brooklyn. How he fares will shake out over the months to come. Can he actually bring in desirable free agents?

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Or will the New York Islanders continue to be a less than desirable franchise? He's got a big job to do, but if we've learned anything from this new management group, it's that they're going to give him all the support he requires.

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