The wait continues. But it might not be that long of a wait.

Though several NBA sources said Carmelo Anthony had agreed to sign a contract extension, thus leading to a trade to the Nets, one Nets official last night said the superstar had not yet given his approval. Nevertheless, another team executive offered that the 26-year-old star was "leaning" toward accepting.

No matter, the Nets seemed poised to acquire the superstar from Denver and hope to get an extremely complicated blockbuster four-team trade finalized before the weekend is out.

Denver, league sources maintain, gave Anthony until the end of the weekend to approve the extension that could lead him to New Jersey and the opposite bank of his preferred side of the Hudson. But that's just for two years before the Nets' planned move to Brooklyn.

Suddenly, the Knicks-Nets rivalry seems relevant again, even without Jason Kidd.

The Nets would get Anthony and possibly point guard D.J. Augustin from Charlotte at the price of first-round pick Derrick Favors, point guard Devin Harris and at least one future first rounder. There still were details to be hammered out -- the inclusion of Augustin, for example. And there still was the need for Denver, with a new management team in place, to agree to move its franchise player.

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