Typically, if you haven’t bought a season pass, you’re bound to burn a bunch of cash before you even have the chance to make it to the lift line. But maybe that line wouldn’t be so painful if you’ve just paid 15 to 85 percent less than the schmuck standing next to you. The aim of Liftopia.com is to give you just that opportunity.

Through Liftopia, which is based off of Hotwire.com, skiers have the chance to buy their lift tickets in advance, yielding tremendous discounts over the window price.

“Our goal is to reward the proactive customer,” said Evan Reece, co-owner of Liftopia.com. “If you’re willing to trade some risk, you’ll see a lot of savings.”

That risk comes from the fact that Liftopia tickets are nonrefundable. Once the purchase is confirmed, there’s virtually no chance for any changes. Though, it’s these restrictions that allow for such tremendous savings from about 200 resorts around the country.

“People aspire to ski more. Our service simply allows people to do that without paying as much,” Reece said. “We’re trying to make skiing less intimidating.”

While even season pass holders can use Liftopia.com to add a bit of variety to their lives, those looking to try the sport for their first time have some help. Deals that include gear rental, lift tickets, lessons, and even a meal keep the process simple for anyone just starting out.

“All we’re looking to do is get more people on the slopes without making them spend more than they have to,” said Reece.

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