Moyer close to home run record

In the more than century-long history of Major League Baseball, no pitcher has allowed more homers than the late Robin Roberts, a 1950s star who surrendered 505. But that's about to change, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

"I'm not proud of this," says Moyer, the 47-year-old Philadelphia Phillies lefthander, who is at 501.

For pitchers, there is no more painful moment than when their handiwork is walloped over the fence.

Given that the average home-run trot takes 21.89 seconds, according to a Marquette University data coordinator, Moyer has spent a full three hours -- the equivalent of one game -- doing what pitchers dread the most.

In a sense, though, this record that he'll soon set is a mark of greatness.

The pitcher at the top of the list, Roberts, who died this month, is in the Hall of Fame. So are numbers three (Ferguson Jenkins), four (Phil Niekro) and five (Don Sutton).

Giving up that many home runs is a testament to longevity, a sign Moyer must have been doing something right to hang around this long. Indeed, he has the most wins, 263, of any active pitcher.

"I'm not sour about it; I'm not bitter about it," he says. "I've had enough repetitions to create this."

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