Marc Marquez is riding towards a special place in bike racing history according to America's own bike legend Fast Freddie Spencer, a history maker in his own right.

Spencer held the crown of youngest ever MotoGP world champion for three decades until Marquez came along in 2013 with his stunning rookie season title.

And, in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix, Marquez will be going for his sixth straight win of this season, a feat last achieved by Giacomo Agostini on an MV Agusta in 1971.

But could Marquez be the first rider to win all in a season? That would mean 18 victories in 2014.

Spencer watched Marquez's win in the French GP first hand at Le Mans last week, and has pondered that the young Spaniard has the potential to pull off the unthinkable.

Spencer believes that Marquez's focussed attitude to racing and the dramatic rise in his skill set over 2013 could be the platform for a clean sweep.

"Anything is possible for Marc, you never know," Spencer said.

"He has the right mental attitude to winning all these races in a row, he takes one practice session and one race at time.

"If you start thinking ahead, that's when mistakes happen and, when I talk with Marc he understands that, plus he has a lot of belief in himself.

"Marc has raised his level after last year when he made some mistakes in practice while preparing to find his limits.

"He understands how to recover if he does go over the limit, he has an incredible anticipation of what is going to happen next.

"And I understand completely what Marc is going through mentally with all the talk of being the youngest ever champion.

"I was always compared to Mike Hailwood when I got his record and it was a privilege for me to hold it for 30 years and now I just love watching the way Marc is going about his racing.

"He is a once in generation rider."

For all the hype surrounding him, the young Spaniard does not entertain the prospect of a long winning streak.

He is readying himself for the day it will end although, as Spencer observes, just when that will happen is anyone's guess.

“Sure it will arrive one Sunday when it will be impossible to win and then it will be important to be quiet and try and finish as high as possible," Marquez said.

"You can’t always win so you have to take some important points for the championship."

Spencer holds a special place in the record books with his amazing championship double of 250 and 500cc titles in 1985 plus his first 500cc crown in 1983 as a 21-year-old.

Youngest Ever MotoGP World Champions:

- Marc Marquez: 20 years/266 days - 2013 (Honda)

- Freddie Spencer: 21 years/258 days - 1983 (Honda)

- Casey Stoner: 21 years/342 days - 2007 (Ducati)

- Mike Hailwood: 22 years/160 days - 1962 (MV Agusta)

- John Surtees: 22 years/182 days - 1956 (MV Agusta)