MLB's most notorious ballhawk issues apology for attending Fort Bragg game

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Zack Hample has caught thousands of baseballs at MLB games over the course of his lifetime, and he's even written a book about the practice. Hample is not, however, a member of the United States military, so many fans were upset when Hample found a way into MLB's first-ever game at Fort Bragg, which was intended to be closed to the general public. When Hample tweeted a photo of a baseball thrown to him by Martin Prado, the 82nd Airborne Division ripped him on Twitter for taking a seat that could have been filled by a member of the military.

On Monday, Hample explained how to managed to get a ticket to the game - he went to extreme lengths, and created a "platonic Tinder bio" to try and find people who could get him in - and wrote that he was "truly sorry for attending the game."