The attorney general of Missouri has reportedly filed a lawsuit against a Georgia-based fantasy sports company for allegedly failing to dole out cash and other prizes to winning users.

Attorney General Chris Koster filed a lawsuit on Monday against the owner of Gridiron Fantasy Sports, alleging that owner Dustin Ashby promised to pay cash prizes to 311 participants totaling at least $389,500 based on the performance of their fantasy teams, KDSK.com reports.

In one instance, Gridiron Fantasy Sports promised a cash prize of $5,000 to the person whose team scored the most point during its 2010 regular season.

But Koster alleges that the company failed to pay at least $151,261 of the promised prize money, and that the company was using fantasy baseball entry fees to pay the fantasy football winners -- and vice versa.

Koster said Ashby was featured during Super Bowl XLV and presented a $300,000 check to one winner, but that check was never fully honored. 

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