How would LeBron James have felt if his Miami Heat actually won the NBA Championship over the Dallas Mavericks?

Minor league baseball fans will live that imaginary experience Thursday when the Peoria, Ill., Chiefs, a Chicago Cubs affiliate, host a tongue-in-cheek “LeBron James NBA Championship Giveaway” night.

Fans entering the ballpark will receive one of James' “replica rings,” ESPN reports. Except instead of real rings, these handouts are made of air, much like what James took home.

Other festivities include Heimlich maneuver classes – which organizers say will prevent fans from “choking in a big situation,” – and a replica giveaway of James’ Finals MVP award (except, of course, that Dallas' Dirk Nowitski won that award, not James).

"Really, this is just us getting back to the real world and waking up today and trying to solve our own personal problems," vice president of Chiefs ticket sales Eric Obalil told ESPN.

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