If a mayor has the power to hand out keys to the city, perhaps he also has the clout to change the lock?

The mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert, may have asked himself that question when he found out that his mayor pro tem held a ceremony honoring quarterback Michael Vick in which Vick was presented a key to the city.

Outrage in the city spread, leading Leppert to issue a statement saying the event was held without his approval.

He pointed out that keys to the city can only be presented by a mayor or an elected official who has been given a mayoral blessing.

“Clearly, this was not the case in this situation and done without my knowledge or approval,” the statement said, according to MyFoxFw.com.

The mayor pro tem, Dwaine Caraway, issued his own statement.

Caraway described himself as a dog lover and said he honored Vick in his efforts to encourage children to stay in school. He did not mention Vick's 23-month sentence for running a dogfighting ring.

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