@jaguares are set to make social media history.

The Mexican first division soccer team  Jaguares of Chiapas has replaced its players' names with their Twitter handles on their kits.

The team issued a statement, the publication reported, saying they were aware of the influence of social media.

“In football as in life, 140 characters are enough to decide which side you're on," the daily mail UK quoted the club saying. “Conscious of the age we live in, where we can all stay in touch through the Internet no matter how distant, Jaguar launched a campaign and carried out various activities linked to Twitter.”

Los Jaguares’ Twitter handle promotion comes a month after the Valencia soccer team played against Barcelona, all wearing kits with the team's Twitter handle.

Turns out, the team was looking for a new sponsor and thought that Twitter was the best way of getting their name out there.

Many soccer stars have embraced twitter and have a large number of followers.

Javier "Chicharito" Hernández of Manchester United uses Twitter to interact with his fans.

“Thank you for all the support!! Much love ” Hernández posted in Spanish on his Twitter last week.

On Sunday, Chicharito took ManU to victory from Everton when scoring a goal in the 19th minute of the match.

“The goal was a brilliant goal by Hernández,” said ManU’s manager Alex Ferguson after the game,“He did what he does best.”

Perhaps in the not to distant future, he will say: That goal was a brilliant goal by @HernandezHdz.

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