Mets reassessing plan for Harvey's usage

The New York Mets are reevaluating how they will use Matt Harvey for the remainder of the regular season as the team trends towards a postseason berth with a sizeable lead in the NL East.

The Mets' most recent plan for Harvey was to have him pitch this coming weekend and then two weeks after that, but manager Terry Collins revealed they've since rethought their approach.

"Every 12 days is not a good scenario," Collins said. "We've got to make sure this guy is ready to pitch. If we get in the postseason, we have got to have Matt Harvey ready to pitch and I don't need him to have 15 days off, so we've got to come up with a plan that is going to get him out there a little bit more."

In his first season since having Tommy John surgery, Harvey has pitched 171 2/3 innings. He, his agent, and the Mets incited a media firestorm last week when there was disagreement amongst the parties on a 180-inning cap for the season.

In lieu of making normal starts with big intervals in between, Collins says the Mets are now considering keeping him on a more normal schedule and limiting his innings in those games.

"We've talked to Matt enough times and he's onboard with what we're thinking about doing," Collins said.

(h/t New York Post)