On Sunday, the 2012 Olympic Games in London were bookended by another over-the-top Closing Ceremony. It was quite the spectacle, with some of the greatest musical acts in the history of Great Britain taking the stage amid some breathtaking visuals. Why, the Olympic athletes even took the shape of the Union Jack! That's pretty impressive, right?

Oh. Uh, hey McKayla Maroney. Thought you'd be impressed by that. Well, uh ... they also made a giants John Lennon face out of a bunch of old couch cushions! That's pretty impressive, isn't it?

No? Nothing? How about some big-time pop stars?

Dang. W-what about a sentiment of universal emancipation? Would you be impressed by THAT?

Jeez, McKayla, it's almost like you're not impressed by anything. Well, how about Lolo Jones' awesome singing ability? Would you be impressed by that?

That's cold, McKayla. Ice cold.

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