Max Holloway destroys training partner with a spinning back kick to the chest

Max Holloway is one of the best featherweight fighters on the planet so it's probably not a good idea to make a wager with him that ends with the Hawaiian demonstrating a spinning back kick with you as his punching back.

That's exactly what happened in a new video Holloway posted this week where he "rewards" a friend who asked him to get subscribers for his YouTube channel and in exchange he would take one of his spinning back kicks.

It's like walking to an execution as this guy stands and watches Holloway measure him several times with the broad side of his foot as he practices the spinning maneuver.

After a few torturous minutes, Holloway finally unleashes the kick, which lands with a sickening thud to the midsection.

Holloway's training partner crashes to the ground but that's not the worst of it -- just wait until you see the slow motion replay as the oxygen goes rushing from his system in a hurry after getting slammed with the kick.

Here's a tip -- next time you want to ask a top ranked UFC fighter like Holloway to get you some YouTube subscribers, offer to buy him dinner instead.