It's over. It's all over.

The 2015 NFL season is officially in the history books. Goodbye. Sayonara. Auf Wiedersehen, etc. The Denver Broncos are world champions after spanking the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Great, wonderful.

Now that we've had a few days to ruminate over what we saw last weekend, it's time for a verdict. If you were writing a review of Super Bowl, what would you have to say?

Judging by the responses we got from Facebook, the reviews are ... mixed. It would have a middling score on Rotten Tomatoes. Three of out five dentists surveyed wouldn't like what they saw.

So, let's get to work and hear your thoughts on the matter.


Orlando Flavio Salazar,

Play for play, the most interesting SB I've ever watched. Ever play counted, the game could've changed at any moment. Front runner vs Battle Tested. Mayweather vs Tyson. Mayweather couldn't run this time tho.

Well, there's a positive review! Good to start things off strong. (Full disclosure: Orlando is a Broncos fan). And can you imagine if Floyd Mayweather took on Mike Tyson?

I agree, there would be nowhere for Money to run. He could dodge only so many punches. Eventually, he would get hit. And probably splinter into a thousand pieces.

Douglas Kelly,

Closer to a heavyweight title fight than a football game. In the end, Denver gave too many body shots and took down the cocky upstart. To Carolina's credit, they did go the distance, but it was a TKO.

Good review, but I found it a tad derivative. Orlando's review already made a boxing analogy. And I wouldn't say the Panthers went the distance. Because of this play:

That was akin to throwing in the towel in the last round. Not a good look.

Derek Dellaire,

Was a great game. Out of the super bowls I've seen probably ranks 4 or 5. No where near the Cardinals Steelers or the Pats Seahawks tho. Halftime show left something to be desired. I love coldplay but that was not a good performance

You're going to start noticing a trend in these reviews going forward. I'll just leave it at that. And I'm not sure if I'd put this game in the top five of all time.

Carole McGrail,

Okay glad for Payton sad to find out how shallow the other quarterback is. Half time was embarrassing.

I don't know if I would call what Cam Newton did shallow. Petulant, maybe. Pouty? For sure. But not shallow.

Shallow is kissing Papa John after the clock struck zero and then proclaiming loudly -- twice -- that you were going to drink Budweiser that night. Come on, Peyton. We know you have a stake in the business.

Shawn Olds,

Terrible halftime show, blah commercials, and a slow game ... this year was all hype . Hard to follow SB 49 ... it was fantastic.

That's true. This Super Bowl was the equivalent of a standup comedian who is forced to follow Louis CK on stage. It's not fair. Last year's game came down to the wire and according to our website, ended with the most memorable moment in Super Bowl history.

This year's game was like a palate cleanser. Entertaining, but just not what came before. Next year's game won't have that kind of pressure.

Karen Kubisek,

Huge bore, 1/2 time and commercials were a let down, to put it mildly! Great for Peyton for sure!

Great for Peyton, yes. However, it must be pointed out that he now has two rings. And in both Super Bowl wins, he didn't play well. If I were him, that would take a bit of the enjoyment out of it.

But I'm also someone who tries to suck the joy out of any accomplishment I make. After all, "every good moment will undoubtedly be soon followed by something horrifying." (Actual Sid Saraf quote)

Mark Owens,

All good except for the half time show!

I'm sure you've noticed the trend by now. People really didn't like the halftime show.

Poor Coldplay, what did Chris Martin do to deserve this? And it seemed people weren't thrilled with Beyonce's behavior either. Bruno Mars got props though. Everyone loves that guy.

Cynthia Del Guercio,


OK, but there's no need to shout.

Joseph Incalcaterra,


That was pithy. And powerful.

Connor McVey,

The most boring Super Bowl I've ever watched.

Really? Most boring ever? Did you watch that Seahawks-Steelers snore fest from a few years ago? Now, that was truly terrible football.

Juan Vela,

Extremely boring, waste of time, turned it off most of the entire second half.

Man, that's an indictment. By the way, the score was close for most of the second half.

Angela Norris,

Defensive game, kathy Lee could have taken the snaps and Denver still would have won.

Kathy Lee might have a better arm at this point.

Douglas Hoover,

Unanticipated unexpectedness.

Sorry, "unanticipated unexpectedness" sounds too close to "conscious uncoupling." And that makes me think of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Which makes me think of GOOP. And I hate GOOP.

Tom Okrie,

My title would be "How the NFL royally screwed up a chance to have Metallica play halftime..."

Listen, I'm as big a Metallica fan as they come, but they wouldn't have worked as a halftime show. The Super Bowl is trying to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Can I sit here and say that I'm a Beyoncé fan? No. Am I a Coldplay or Bruno Mars fan? Not really. But they will bring eyes that wouldn't normally watch football to the big game. It makes sense.

Toby Stahler,

If you enjoy football, it was a really good game. Not only did the Broncos win but they humiliated the Panthers in the process. As a Cowboys fan I am very happy for Ware. As a fan who hates lousy sportsmanship, I was happy to see Cam show his true colors. I muted Lady Gagme and switched to the news during halftime.

Lady Gagme?! Shame!

Look, I'm not a Lady Gaga fan either, but she slayed that national anthem. I was seriously impressed.

Benny Dellolio,

I always enjoy games. Halftime always stinks, Every press yahoo and every NFL network and ESPN do not need to send every talking yuk there. The super bowl should be about fans, we know thats never happening.

The Super Bowl is the media's ... well, Super Bowl. It's the marquee event that everyone who is anyone HAS to attend and be seen there. I've never been to a Super Bowl, so that should show you the standing I have in media circles.

I'm not even an afterthought. I'm a neverthought.

Larry Bryant Jr.,

Lets be honest. This past football year sucked. Full of both old and mediocre qbs

I tend to agree with you, Larry. This season saw so many games that stunk out loud for 58 minutes. However, many of those games still managed to have exciting finishes. Truly a bizarre season.

Mack Leshear,

NFL is fixed....

No, it really isn't.

Steven Olson,

Boring game rigged people got paid off makes me not want to watch NFL again almost like watching the Mayweather fight

Sigh, stop it.

Ken Diaz,

Fixed for Manning...

I think the previous three people need this:

Tinfoil hat time!

Ricky Barrientes,

I like burritos.

Mmmmmm, me too! I think I'm going to get a burrito right now. Alrighty folks, here's to a great season! See you next time!