Luis Suarez Not Smiling After Court Upholds Four-Month Ban For World Cup Biting Incident

The board that doles out punishment to soccer players has taken a bite out of Luis Suarez.

The court upheld a four-month ban against the soccer player and serial biter after he sunk his teeth into a player during the World Cup. The Court of Arbitration for Sport, however, has allowed Suarez to train with Barcelona.

The upholding the ruling, CAS said FIFA's sanctions are "generally proportionate to the offence committed."

Suarez is known for biting opponents and has long been criticized for it -- though he's rarely punished for it.

Suarez cannot play for Barcelona until Oct. 26, and he remains banned for Uruguay's next eight competitive matches.

Suarez has admitted to biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder during Uruguay's 1-0 win at the World Cup.

"The sanctions imposed on the player by FIFA have been generally confirmed," the court said in a statement.

The court described the ban imposed by FIFA on Suarez from taking part in any football activity as "excessive."

"However, the 4-month suspension will apply to official matches only and no longer to other football-related activities (such as training, promotional activities and administrative matters)," the court said.

Banning Suarez from training would have meant the ban "would still have an impact on his activity after the end of the suspension," the panel ruled.

Suarez, who left Liverpool for Barcelona after the World Cup, appeared at the court's fast-track hearing last Friday in an effort to reduce his ban.

FIFA had also fined him 100,000 Swiss francs ($112,000).

CAS will publish its reasons for the verdict in the coming weeks.

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