LSU coach Les Miles said quarterback Jordan Jefferson and several unidentified teammates were involved in a fight at a local bar early Friday morning.

Baton Rouge Police said Saturday that charges have not been filed, nor have there been any arrests.

Police spokesman Sgt. Don Stone told TigerSportsDigest.com on Saturday night that police want to interview Jefferson, offensive lineman Chris Davenport, defensive lineman Josh Johns and receiver Jarvis Landry on Monday about the incident.

"They've been implicated and we need to talk to them and get their side of the story," Stone told the web site.

Miles was joined by 22 Tigers players when he spoke to reporters for 6½ minutes earlier Saturday.

"I can tell you that the last couple of days have been miserable for us, that we've been involved in behavior that's unacceptable to me, certainly unacceptable to our team — guys that broke team rules and violated curfew," Miles said. "I can tell you and assure you that this will not happen again. I can tell you that there's a remorseful team here.

"I personally want to apologize for the actions of my team."

Miles said a "relatively large group" was involved in the incident, mentioning senior lineman T-Bob Hebert and Jefferson by name. Miles said all team members were accounted for at a 10:30 p.m. curfew check Thursday night.

Stone said four people were taken to local hospitals after the fight, none of them football players. Stone also said the four people taken for medical attention indicated they intended to press charges.

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva released a statement saying "we will not tolerate student-athletes whose irresponsible actions tarnish the good name of a great university."

"LSU student-athletes are expected to behave with the understanding that they represent their school, their fellow students and the long history of this program, regardless of the time of day," he said. "Coach Miles has already begun taking disciplinary action. It is critical that we are deliberate in determining the facts surrounding this incident and as coach Miles said, when the facts are clear, additional and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if necessary."

Miles said he already began disciplining the team Friday after a hastily called team meeting. He said the entire team was punished, not just the group involved in the fight.

"We've started disciplining our team because this was a team violation," Miles said. "This was not just a guy. This was the team. We ran them and we're running them."

Miles said he won't levy any punishments, including suspensions, against specific players until the details of the fight are collected and revealed.

"I want to find out more what went on," Miles said.

The fourth-ranked Tigers start the season playing No. 3 Oregon on Sept. 3 at Cowboys Stadium.

"As miserable as I am about this, as disappointed and as mad, I recognize I've got a good group of men who understand the mistakes that were made and I suspect that they will make the appropriate changes," Miles said. "I will instruct them along those lines, I promise."