BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) LSU's live mascot, Mike VI, won't make any more appearances in Tiger Stadium this football season.

The spokeswoman for the LSU veterinary school, Ginger Guttner, says Saturday that the tiger will remain in his 15,000-square-foot habitat on game days. Fans can see him in the habitat, which is next door to the stadium.

Guttner says the 10-year-old tiger is in good health but hasn't wanted to get in his trailer. At 450 pounds, the predator gets to make his own decision about that.

Mike attended the first game this year.

A photo posted to Mike's Facebook page Friday showed him eating ''Gator tartare'' - a meaty concoction laid on the floor in the shape of the Florida mascot.

No. 6 LSU plays No. 8 Florida on Saturday in Baton Rouge.