The Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London will take place on Sunday night and feature a slew of famous British musical acts. The artistic director of the Ceremony is referring to the event as a "mashed-up symphony" of Britpop, which will probably be as bad as that sounds.

According to the Associated Press, The Who and the reunited Spice Girls will be among the superstar performers at the event. Hopefully at the same time. Sporty Spice could do a back handspring over Pete Townshend while he smashes a guitar. Then Roger Daltry and Scary Spice could make out during the breakdown in a rock remix of "2 Become 1." But never mind my fanfic dream diary right now.

Also on hand will be George Michael, Fatboy Slim, the Pet Shop Boys and Annie Lennox. Surprised Lennox is making an appearance ever since the IOC turned down her demands to make "Walking on Broken Glass" an Olympic Event back in 1992.

Ray Davies of the Kinks will also perform, Paul McCartney can never be ruled out and of course Muse is required to perform at every British event, under penalty of death if they refuse. I'm not sure what word will be best used to describe this concert when all is said and done, but I'll bet "cluster" is involved.

The organizers of the Closing Ceremonies have said that if the Opening Ceremony was the wedding, this is the wedding reception. That is pretty much the most horrifying and unsettling way to explain something, considering that if the Opening Ceremony was a wedding, it was Flavor Flav's wedding. Or Snooki's wedding. No way in hell you want to be around for those receptions.

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