Bob Quinn has been the Detroit Lions' general manager for nearly three weeks, and he still hasn't done anything about the elephant in the room: All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson and his uncertain future.

On Wednesday, Quinn said he hasn't spoken with Johnson or his agent yet. He plans to contact him before free agency begins in March, though.

Via Lions senior writer Tim Twentyman:

In a prepared statement earlier this month, Johnson said he was "evaluating options" for his future. An early retirement is certainly an option, but the 30-year-old wide receiver could also be positioning himself for a different kind of departure from Detroit. The Lions won't know for sure until Quinn reaches out.

Johnson has played nine NFL seasons and is still a productive pass-catcher, recording 88 receptions for 1,214 yards and nine touchdowns in 2015. He's only halfway through an eight-year, $150 million contract signed before the 2012 season, so the Lions still have a lot of money locked up in him.

This is quite a challenging situation to kick off Quin's career as GM.