Life's a snap? Manny Ramirez steps in at center for Broncos after Dan Koppen's injury

Denver Broncos center Manny Ramirez is quickly getting up to speed in his new role.

One practice in and he hasn't sent any snaps sailing over Peyton Manning's head yet. That's a positive start.

Granted, there were a few slightly off-target and one botched exchange between him and Manning early in the workout on Monday, but that was about it.

Ramirez is trying to get the hang of things quickly, because this season could very well hinge on his hikes as he steps for Dan Koppen, who suffered a season-ending knee injury the day before.

For a player who's never snapped a ball in an NFL game, Ramirez appeared awfully calm. Then again, he does have Manning standing behind him and telling him precisely what to do.