It's a good time to be a Leicester City fan. Scratch that, it's a GREAT time to be a Leicester City fan, and the afterglow from their improbable title-winning triumph is showing no sign of dimming.

It seems like every day there's a new perk for the Foxes and/or their fans.

Slick new kits: Check. Fans winning bets: Check. You name it, they've got it.

What's next on the list? How about free beer? No, wait ... how about free beer AND pizza.

As if going to Saturday's clash against Everton wasn't going to be incredible enough, fans will now get to watch their title-winning team while sipping on Singha beer and munching Pizza Hut pizza, all on the house.

So, not only did Leicester announce free booze and pizza, which is seriously a match made in heaven, they did it with emojis. It's like your best friend shooting you a text with the pizza and beer emojis. This club gets it.

Dilly ding, dilly dong, folks!