LeBron James sent a brilliant message on Kevin Durant's big day

While the basketball world was still in shock over Kevin Durant's decision to join the Golden State Warriors, reigning NBA Finals MVP LeBron James was relaxing with his favorite movie, and perhaps plotting the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While many NBA players were freaking out over the idea of facing a Warriors team featuring Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, James kept quiet on social media aside from one intriguing Instagram photo posted Monday morning.

James revealed over the Cavs' long playoff run that The Godfather is a major source of inspiration, and according to ESPN he watched the movie at least six times in the postseason to get his mind in the right state before games. When pressed by reporters, James decided not to name his favorite line or scene - but he picked a very interesting scene to share on Instagram on July 4th.

The scene James chose to take a photo of is perfect. The screenshot he took is (spolier alert!) of Michael Corleone during the funeral of his father, Vito Corleone. During the scene, Michael is approached by Tessio, signaling that he is the one that betrayed the Corleone family. Michael then orchestrates a grand takeover and obliterates all of his rivals.

On a related note, rumors began to swirl Monday that James' former teammate and three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade could be considering a shock move to Cleveland (some diehard fans even started tracking what they believed to be Wade's flight to Ohio).

LeBron also wrote in the caption that this is his "daily ritual," which is a little alarming. The Godfather's runtime is 177 minutes! That's a lot of Godfather time to spend each day, LeBron.