LeBron James' profanity-laced victory parade speech earns FCC complaints

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LeBron James almost single-handedly ended Cleveland's 52-year pro title drought, powering the Cavs past the Warriors despite a 3-1 deficit in the Finals.

So it was no surprise that James, an Akron, Ohio, native, was fired up when the team celebrated with the city during the victory parade June 22. When he took the mic toward the end of the parade, James dropped a number of expletives while individually praising each of his teammates.

According to Cleveland.com, James' use of profanity prompted two people to file complaints to the FCC. The complaints reportedly were filed by a viewer from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and Louisville, Ohio.

The Louisville viewer wrote to the FCC and said:

"The station allowed Lebron James to repeatedly use profanity on live TV... Thousands and thousands of families were watching the broadcast. Countless children listened to him talk like a drunken sailor. This is completely irresponsible of the network to allow this kind of language on live TV!"

The Cuyahoga Falls viewer wrote:

"I'm very proud of the Cavaliers winning the finals. Happy, fun day in Cleveland OH! But then Lebron got up to speak at the televised rally, and the whole speech reeked of profanity. On live tv - many channels, on live radio broadcasts, in front of a live 1 .3 million audience of fans, including many children. Was so uncalled for!!"

The outlet reached out to the FCC but has not received a response. The commission can open an investigation after it reviews the complaint.