Wilson Love, a former Alabama staffer who was hired in December by Lane Kiffin as FAU's strength and conditioning coach, has an entertaining way of getting through to his team.

Love has been known to bark at his players literally, like a dog while doing jumping jacks or spinning around like a tornado to get them up and moving during morning workouts. He's been described as an animated bottle of five-hour energy and a Tasmanian devil, but his unconventional antics sure seem to be working.

"He'll get your blood flowing," FAU running back Buddy Howell said of Love in a recent FAUOwlAccess.com video. "His energy is contagious and I like that because it gets us goin', gets us goin' early."

FAUOwlAccess.com's video feature on Love perfectly wraps up the FAU strength coach's entertaining demeanor and how his players have responded to it.

Love was somewhat of a cult figure around Alabama football over the past few years before Kiffin brought him on at FAU. He was a former back-up D-lineman and worked under Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran, who is known for having a larger-than-life presence himself. Love seemingly has put his own whimsical spin on what he learned from Cochran to create a one-of-a-kind persona that has made a positive impact on the student athletes at FAU.


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