LA Galaxy coach Bruce Arena has hinted that Steven Gerrard will one day return to the Premier League as Liverpool boss.

Gerrard, 35, signed an 18-month contract with the MLS side in the summer and Arena is convinced the midfielder has all the attributes to eventually enter football management.

The former England man has previously spoken about returning to Anfield and Arena, who has been impressed by Gerrard's "studious" nature, believes he will return to England and possibly Merseyside.

Arena said: "We talk about what he's done at Liverpool and we compare notes. He's going to be a manager after he leaves the game as a player. Where that's going to be, I don't know.

"I would love it if someone like that could replace me, but I don't think it's going to be with the Galaxy.

" I hope not as I'm the manager!

"I would guess he'll go back to England and then you can guess where he might end up after that."

Arena has revealed his surprise at the amount of research Gerrard had conducted before he arrive in Los Angeles.

"Before he came, I visited Liverpool and was surprised how much he knew about our team.

"By the time he got here at the end of June he knew everyone. He knew the names of players he was meeting for the first time and he knew about their qualities.

"He was fully prepared. We've had other players in the past where the transition of moving their families was a major chore. With him it was already done. It was so smooth it was ridiculous.

"If Steven didn't play football he'd be very successful at something else. He could have been a professor.

"He's so articulate and bright. He could have made a success of anything. He made a pretty good decision becoming a footballer but he's a pretty sharp guy," added Arena.