Kobe Bryant says it's fine for Lakers fans to 'freak out' after 0-4 start

The Los Angeles Lakers are 0-4.

A lot of fans are upset, as they don't want to endure another season with a win total in the low 20s, or possibly even lower -- especially when they'll only reap the benefits of such a season if their lottery pick falls in the top three of the draft. Otherwise, that pick goes to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Lakers could have the worst season in franchise and lose their lottery pick. So, yes, it's understandable that fans are freaking out. There's reason to do so.

Even Kobe Bryant agrees.

"Freak out. It's good for the soul," Bryant said when asked about his advice to fans, according to the Orange County Register.

That's probably not the answer most fans want to hear, but it's the most Kobe answer ever. Even in the face of another lost season, Bryant finds a way to relentlessly believe in himself and answer with a sarcastic retort.

One can only imagine what his postgame quotes will look like five months from now.