Justin Bieber plays keepy-ups with Neymar in his backyard

Justin Bieber has been showing off his soccer skills with none other than Brazil and Barcelona superstar Neymar.

The duo took to Bieber's backyard for a kickabout and the 22-year-old singer posted the footage to his Instagram account.

If you were expecting Bieber to be rubbish then you would be wrong! Bieber, who has had an interest in soccer since a young age, showed impressive control and technique to keep the ball in the air.

He previously trained with Barcelona in 2011 and the club's official website was quoted as saying at the time that he demonstrated "surprisingly decent skills with his left foot".

Meanwhile, Neymar is taking a break as he looks ahead to competing in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in August. The striker was set to take part in the Copa America Centenario this month but Barca feared participation in both tournaments could affect him ahead of next season.

Check out the video:

Pretty impressive, Bieber.