Julian Edelman creates hilarious T-shirt for 'Slotty Pippen' nickname

After putting in two solid performances this season, Julian Edelman earned himself a new nickname from former wideout Nate Burleson: "Slotty Pippen."

Burleson called Rob Gronkowski "Michael Jordan" and Edelman "Slotty Pippen," which clearly caught the attention of the Patriots' wide receiver.

Edelman, who has his own merchandise store, created a hilarious new T-shirt in honor of his new nickname and every Patriots fan should own one immediately.

Yes, that's (a much shorter) Gronk as Michael Jordan. It's also Tom Brady as Dennis Rodman and Bill Belichick (in a suit!) as Phil Jackson.

Edelman has some great t-shirts on his website, but this one is by far the best -- and only $30!

(h/t Twitter)