Jon Jones: Chandler 'going through his growing pains' but 'doing great'

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has made his own mistakes in life so he understands what his brother Chandler is going through right now after the New England Patriots defensive end was taken to a hospital just over a week ago following a bizarre incident where he showed up at a police station asking for help.

According to reports from the Boston Globe and other outlets, Chandler Jones was allegedly using some form of synthetic marijuana and had a bad reaction to the drug. Synthetic marijuana is not plant-based like normal marijuana and often times has some kind of psychotropic drug that can cause hallucinations, nausea, high blood pressure and other medical problems.

Chandler was taken to a local hospital and released before telling reporters ahead of his team's game with the Kansas City Chiefs that he made "a pretty stupid mistake" with the incident.

"Chandler's doing great, Chandler's doing really good," Jones told TMZ in a new interview posted late Friday night. "Chandler's a young guy who has a lot thrown at him, a new level of fame and success and new opportunities.

"He's going through his growing pains and doing what he has to do to make things right. Chandler's in a good position, I'm so happy for him."

The fighter's younger brother still helped his Patriots get past the Chiefs into the AFC championship game this weekend where they take on the Denver Broncos.

Jones has faced his own share of ups and downs throughout his professional fighting career, including a hit-and-run accident that led to a suspension and the UFC stripping him of his light heavyweight title as a result.

Jones was eventually placed on probation over the incident, and the UFC reinstated him last year although he hasn't returned to action as of yet.

Chandler has been dealing with some on-field injuries that have him listed as questionable going into this weekend's game at Denver. But it appears he's trying to put the incident in the police station behind him in hopes of another potential Super Bowl run for his team.