Johnny Manziel has been out of a job for just over a month now, and he's received minimal, if any, interest from teams around the league. That's not to say he hasn't grabbed headlines for off-the-field shenanigans.

While he's maintained that he isn't partying or drinking, Manziel got himself caught in a lie recently. He claimed to be living with Denver Broncos Super Bowl MVP Von Miller -- a fellow Texas A&M Aggie -- but that turned out to be false.

Miller cleared that up with an Instagram post on Monday, which was quickly followed up by an apology from Manziel. He didn't come out and say he's sorry for lying about his living situation, but he did apologize to Miller for getting him involved in an untrue story.

Sorry, Johnny. Looking for houses with someone doesn't mean you're living together. Props for the hilarious photo, though -- despite being lifted from Miller's Instagram.