John Terry is leaving Chelsea after the season so he knew his days at Stamford Bridge were coming to an end. But he didn't think they would be over already. They are, thanks to a red card in last weekend's match that comes with a two-match suspension, taking him through the end of the season and ruining his chances at a farewell.

Unsurprisingly, Terry couldn't take that.

So instead, Terry is going to rent out Stamford Bridge the day after Chelsea's final match of the season for a game with his closest friends. Chelsea are doing him a solid and renting it out to him for free, too, including access to the dressing rooms, dugouts, referees, video screens, PA system and even a BBQ.

This is a man who was suspended for the Champions League final and when Chelsea won put on a full kit for the trophy ceremony. So of course he's going to make sure he gets one more match at Stamford Bridge and you can bet he will be in a full kit for it.