Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most popular football players on the planet, and rightfully so. He's one of the most talented guys to come into the league of late, and there are numbers to back that up. Not to mention, he made a historically-great catch last season as a rookie that has all the kids attempting to make one-handed catches.

Well, despite being one of the more popular players among fans, New York Jets guard Willie Colon isn't having it. Colon spoke out about Beckham's antics, particularly his weekly pre-game show in which he makes one-handed catches for fans in the end zone.

Via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News:

"For me, I would just like to see him stop catching one-handed passes [in] pre-game. He seems like a one-trick pony. We get it. We're over it," Colon said. "At some point, it can't be about you. You're about to play a game. Just warm up, get your job done."

One-handed catches are what made Beckham as popular as he is today, so it's not likely he'll stop putting on a show before each game. But that's not where Colon's bone-picking thoughts about Beckham end. He also thinks he had a hand in getting Tom Coughlin "fired" from the Giants, though he officially resigned.

"I think that, for me, watching Odell Beckham lose his control and him not being pulled and Coughlin saying [in his] press conference 'well, we needed him to make plays,' was a sign that he lost control of the team," Colon said.

Colon was by no means happy to see Coughlin go as the Giants' head coach, but he did say "it was time."