New York Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson is facing legal troubles after being charged Thursday in St. Charles County, Missouri, with resisting arrest and traffic violations on July 14 -- just two weeks after his NFL-issued four-game drug suspension.

Richardson was driving at "exceedingly high rates of speed" on Interstate 64 in "what appeared to be a road race," according to a release issued by the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. In the police incident report, an officer stated that Richardson took off at speeds as high as 143 mph. Richardson eventually exited the car, along with two adult passengers and a 12-year-old boy. Police say a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun was found underneath the driver's floor mat and that the car smelled of marijuana.

Richardson was issued summonses, and was ordered to appear in St. Charles County Circuit Court on Oct. 27 for arraignment.