Pump up the volume, Jets fans.

Your team is making a playoff run, and there's a catchy anthem providing the soundtrack.

Matt Fox, a 24-year-old songwriter/producer from Great Neck, N.Y., has composed and produced, along with friend Sean Henry, "Rex's Gang Green," a hip-hop song that is getting lots of buzz on the Internet.

It's not quite the Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle" or Ickey Woods' "The Ickey Shuffle" just yet, but the song has gotten more than 23,000 views on YouTube and is available for purchase on iTunes. It can also be heard on Fox's personal site, www.TheFoxExperience.com.

The clever lyrics, rapped by Henry, highlight coach Rex Ryan and several players, including Darrelle Revis, Mark Sanchez and Brad Smith.

"Many disappear when they see Revis Island," Henry smoothly raps during one verse. "Receivers keep hidin', afraid to wake the lion/Callin' him the best and his star's still risin'/Captain of the D while the O's high flyin'."

The catchy chorus includes some popular "J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!" chants.

"We are from New York," starts the chorus. "We back the smack talk. You do it your way. We reppin' Broadway. This is our home team. We rock the dark green. We fight and we scream. For Rex's Gang Green."

While team officials and some players weren't aware of the song, it's sure to increase in popularity as the Jets (12-5) prepare to play the Patriots (14-2) in New England on Sunday.

Fox, who goes by "The Fox Experience," is a lifelong Jets fan who works as a board operator at Sirius Satellite Radio with his sights set on writing and producing music. He produced the song in a studio in his apartment, using keyboards and a microphone.

"It's very appropriate that my first hit is tied to and very much dependent on the team that has caused me so much stress and pain through the years," Fox said. "In a city of avid Jets fans, I'm as big of a Jets fan as you can be."

Fox said he used to sneak into the players' dorms as a kid during training camp at Hofstra to try to get autographs, watching practices several times each summer before the team moved to Florham Park in 2008. Now, with each download, he might have fans asking for his autograph.

But, Fox prefers to stay in the background rather than in front of the camera.

"I guess it's fair to say," Fox said, "I'm quite shy."