Deep breath, Jets fans. Darrelle Revis says he'll be just fine.

The star cornerback was limited in practice Thursday with tightness in his left hamstring, but fully expects to play Sunday in New York's game against the New England Patriots.

"It's just a tightness," Revis said. "It's not anything that serious to where I will not be playing on Sunday."

Coach Rex Ryan opened his daily news conference with the injury report, saying linebacker Calvin Pace is out with a broken foot, and then cleared his throat.

"This next one's got me a little choked up," he quipped.

Ryan later said he wasn't "overly concerned" about the hamstring, and wanted to "err on the side of caution." Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine characterized it as "a real minor thing."

Revis participated in about half the practice and came out when the team went into 2-minute drills.

"I think I'm 100 percent," Revis said. "It's just tightness, just taking care of it. If I feel something, I just tell the guys and they'll do the best thing for me to make sure I'll be out on the field on Sunday."

Revis is expected to have a major role in the game as he'll be asked to cover Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss — something he did with lots of success last season. Moss was held to nine catches for just 58 yards and a touchdown in two games.

Ryan even joked that the league has mandated that Revis has to cover Moss.

"Yeah, I've got a contract with the NFL," Revis said with a laugh. "No, Rex is funny. I'm sure everybody's looking forward to Sunday, looking forward to me and Randy going up against each other and I'm sure it's going to be a fun matchup."

Ryan said the team's defensive strategy could be affected if Revis is not 100 percent, so the team wants to play things safe in the days leading to the game.

"Anytime it's a hamstring," Ryan said, "you get a little nervous."

Revis missed all of training camp while holding out for 36 days in a contract dispute. He says he was in great shape coming into the season, and played well in the opener against Baltimore but understands he's a bit behind in his conditioning.

"It could be a training camp thing because I wasn't there," Revis said. "But, like I told you guys before, I was working out. It wasn't like I was sitting out being a couch potato."

Still, Revis wasn't participating in the rigorous two-a-day practices that his teammates were during training camp.

"I haven't been doing that," Revis said. "So me, personally, I probably would say, yeah, that's why there's a little bit of tightness because I'm still trying to get my football legs up under me."