Jerry West: 'Analytically-based' NBA teams aren't having a lot of 'success'

Golden State Warriors executive board member Jerry West has made it clear he is not a supporter of the analytics movement that has overtaken the NBA in the last decade.

After winning a championship as member of the Warriors organization this past season, West is speaking up and out against analytics yet again, claiming teams that are "analytically-based" do not have much success, according to Inside The Warriors.

"All of the analytical guys that have started to play a big role in it, and frankly, I'm not a big analytical person," West told Sirius XM on Friday. "Give me the best players, and give me a great coach, and we'll beat these analytically-based organizations all the time.

"And I know they have their role. I know they have their place in basketball. But I see a lot of teams that follow that line, and I don't see a lot of success there.

"I'm not knocking analytical people at all. But just give me the best players, and give me the best competitors, and I will show you a team that has a great chance to win every year."

The irony in West's comments is that the Warriors are probably one of the more analytic-based teams in the league, even using analytics to track player fatigue and make decisions on when to rest players. Head coach Steve Kerr openly supports the use of analytics, and assistant GM Kirk Lacob is a big supporter, too.

Moreover, the game's most analytic-friendly teams -- the Spurs, Hawks and Rockets -- have been successful in recent seasons. It's not just the Sixers or Magic.

West isn't amenable to analytics, but he doesn't have to be: He's won on his terms and, as long as he stays with the Warriors, it looks like nothing is going to change.

(h/t Inside The Warriors)