Jay Cutler has been available for more than a month, but hes generated very little interest on the open market. His lack of options led some to believe he might hang up his cleats and retire, but his agent doesnt believe that to be the case.

Bus Cook said on Thursday via ESPN that Cutler wants to continue playing in the NFL and doesnt plan to retire.

Jay wants to play football, Cook said. He never has mentioned retirement to me. Jay Cutler, as far as I know, is ready to play and wants to play, and his skill set is as good as any quarterback in the league.

There are very few suitors out there for Cutler, especially with the draft coming up in just two days. Teams like the Browns, 49ers and Jets all figure to select quarterbacks relatively early, effectively eliminating the need for someone like Cutler.

Along with Colin Kaepernick, Cutler is undoubtedly the best quarterback available. What remains to be seen are his contract demands, which are likely that of a starting quarterback.


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