While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stayed active throughout the offseason, general manager Jason Licht believes the biggest addition actually wasn't a player. According to Zach Shapiro of Pewter Report, Licht believes the biggest addition was offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

"If we wouldn't have signed or drafted any player, we still think we are a better team than we were last year," Licht said during an interview Tuesday on 620 WDAE. during the annual town hall style function "(And that's) because of the addition of Dirk Koetter."

Licht continued when talking about the impact that Koetter will have on the Bucs offense in 2015 and beyond.

"Lovie can't oversee everything at all times, and he's focused on defense," Licht said. "No coach that I know of can watch and keep tabs on everything, so just the discipline there. And we had a lot of penalties on offense last year, so hopefully (having an experienced OC) is going to correct that."

It's hard to argue that Koetter's addition isn't a huge one. Best of all, Koetter seems like the perfect coach to work with rookie quarterback Jameis Winston.

Let's hope that throughout 2015 that fans are heaping as much praise on Koetter as Licht has.

(h/t Pewter Report and 620 WDAE)

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports